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I advocate for diversity in communication and help brands connect to the trans community combining art, advertising and content.


and communicator

That’s how I got into Papel & Caneta’s list. Twice. The first time alongside the consulting firm Pajubá, for helping brands communicate with the LGBTI+ community. Later, I was recognized for my leadership in the movement that culminated in the foundation of the Diversity in Advertisement Watch, or ODP (Observatório da Diversidade na Propaganda).


Diversity in Advertisement Watch 

At ODP, as an executive secretary, I compile information and contribute to the decision making steps alongside leaders and representatives from the associated agencies.

Our aim is to establish goals and commitments to accelerate the inclusion of historically under represented groups in the brazilian advertising.

Felipe Simi, Edu Zanelato, Ariel Nobre and Bárbara Lima founders of the Propaganda Observatory, an entity that brings together agencies to adopt intersectional inclusion and diversity practices. Photo by  Bruna Bento.

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Agencies CEOs gather to discuss PL 504

In 2021, the law project 504, that forbidded “sexual diversity” in advertising, was urgently processed. A year later, I gathered 25 agencies CEOs to listen to the honorable congresswoman, Erica Malunguinho, and to Neon Cunha, activist and pre-candidate to Congress.


With Pajubá Diversity Network, beside Gustavo Bonfiglioli, I expanded my voice over different actions.

Pajubá Consulting

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Trans Visibility for
Google on Twitter

I gathered seven trans youngsters that live in the outskirts of their cities at the event “Trans Visibility” of 2020, and led conversations about the community’s culture, as a guest from Google.

It was thrilling, even with our vulnerabilities, to share on Google Brasil’s Twitter our reflections about the future in which we want to live and that is possible to dream about.

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The movie ‘Preciso Dizer que Te Amo’ is an extension of my existence and tells the story of how I became who I am from my point of view and from the eyes of my journey companions.

Taking my story to more than 30 festivals worldwide, obtaining acknowledgement from the public, being elected as the best short picture and being nominated to the Great Brazilian Cinema Award made me acknowledge that exposing my feelings wasn’t just a healing process, but also a reconnection with something sacred.

Poster awarded at the Brasil Design Awards 2022. Silver medal in the category.


Rebranding C&A Institute with Suindara

When the C&A Institute went through a rebranding, I was invited by Suindara to join the team.

I contributed with the creation of the concept and with the writing, facing the challenge of bringing together the C&A Institute and it’s mother-brand, the fashion specialist C&A.


Portraying the Institute as a collective space, a plural brand and as an active voice for the improvement of the textile production chain.

“Our mission is to strengthen communities through fashion. We mobilized a network of partners in all of the brazilian states and acted nearby the stores, distribution centers and the C&A office.”

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Watch the movie


Via Crucis

The passage from death to life and the meeting with the essence after a long journey. That’s Via Crucis. And my art, the extension of my being.

The series “Via Crucis” integrates the oficial archive of the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasilia, capital, and was developed at the Drama Queer residency and at the Curação Show, with the curation of Paula Garcia, for the São Paulo Cultural Center.

 Trans Mercado

And if you want to promote the expansion of the trans community in the job market, contact Trans Mercado. An imersive educational community that works for the development of trans professionals, in which I act in parallel with my communication projects.


Now that you know me, contact me and let’s trans-see the world.

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